We Assist Public Housing Authorities in Governance, Legal Compliance, Alleged Wrongful Practices, Evictions, and Other Matters, and Help Them Further Their Mission.

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Lawyers for Public & Affordable Housing in Montana

BKBH has provided general counsel legal services to public housing authorities since 2008. The firm has demonstrated its ability to render timely and efficient representation to these quasi-governmental agencies. With reliance upon public funding sources to assist the populations they serve, public housing authorities must operate with best business practices, and in compliance with a multitude of state and federal regulations governing every facet of their operations.

BKBH has experience in rendering legal services to public and affordable housing entities in the areas of public housing assistance and voucher eligibility, tenant rules compliance, notice and unit inspections, toxic substance assessment and remediation, unit and personal property abandonment, trespass and visitor conduct, tenant complaints and grievances, alleged housing discrimination, lease agreements, lease termination and eviction, collections, redevelopment contracting and procurement, public meetings/right to know and participate, tenant privacy, resident management corporation issues, media relations, corporate governance, Fair Housing Law compliance, accessible housing, and a wide array of commercial and general liability insurance claims and coverage issues.

BKBH is committed to expanding its legal capabilities and services on behalf of public housing authorities and affordable housing entities across Montana. We are committed to the fundamental mission they serve of providing clean and safe housing at an affordable price to those in need.

Representative Matters

  • Defending public housing authorities in Helena, Missoula and Great Falls in numerous evictions and premises liability claims arising from slip and falls to mold and other exposures
  • Assisting public housing authorities in all aspects of Low Income Housing Tax Credit and affordable housing project development, financing, management and acquisition
  • Advising public housing authorities concerning state and federal law compliance
  • Assisting on operational legal matters
  • Representing housing authorities in tenant matters

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