Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles 2020-06-15T22:02:00-06:00
    • We are professionals who practice as a firm, not as individuals.
    • We undertake to represent our clients as we ourselves would want to be represented.
    • We seek to earn the respect of our clients, our colleagues and the legal community.
    • We assume the responsibility of our legal profession to embrace diversity and advocate for equal justice under the law for all.
    • We commit to excel in our individual areas of expertise and to provide to our clients the full benefit of our ability, knowledge, and effort.
    • We believe that continual investment in human and technical resources is an essential ingredient to success.
    • We strive to employ improved technology and training in order to maintain our position as an efficient and cost-effective organization.
    • We enable our employees to grow to their highest potential by rewarding their personal efforts and development.
    • We recognize our obligations to our families and to the community in which we live and work.
    • We support local charitable activities and encourage our employees to participate vigorously in them.