We Have Long Represented Clients in Environmental and Toxic Torts in Matters including Releases and Emissions, Exposure to Toxic Materials, Mass Tort Defense, and Liability Allocation.

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Montana Environmental and Toxic Tort Defense Counsel

Our environmental and toxic tort law practice is focused on representing companies in a wide range of industries against environmental and toxic tort exposure resulting from chemical emissions to the air, discharges to water, releases on land, and the use of products.

Environmental torts involve past and present operations that involve chemical emissions to the air, discharges to water, releases on land, and other effects on the environment.  These activities can lead to legal disputes in a number of situations, including enforcement actions by government agencies, challenges to permits by environmental groups, or claims of personal and property damage by adjacent land owners.

Toxic torts typically involve exposure to dangerous chemicals, which can occur at work, at home, or in other environments.  The exposure can be sudden and extreme, such as in the case of an explosion at a chemical plant, or it can occur over a long period of time without a person being aware of the exposure, such as in the case of some asbestos matters.  Exposure can result from airborne materials, through ingestion, or even through the handling of toxic materials.

Regardless of the alleged nature of the release or exposure, as experienced Montana environmental and toxic tort defense attorneys, we stand ready to defend clients alleged to be liable for environmental and toxic tort exposure.

Our defense includes regulatory enforcement, citizen suits, and other complex litigation matters and mass tort defense.  In these cases, we are available to represent clients in a number of roles, including defending companies alleged to have manufactured a toxic product or that are responsible for causing a release, as well as insurance companies in assessing their potential liability in insurance coverage matters.

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  • Facility Explosions
  • Mass Tort Defense
  • Insurance Coverage & Liability

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