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We assist clients in construction disputes, and seek to achieve their objectives expeditiously and cost-effectively.

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Construction Dispute Resolution Lawyers & Litigation Attorneys

BKBH attorneys regularly represent construction industry clients, including developers, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and others in transactional matters, disputes, and litigation.

Our construction transaction practice includes advising on matters associated with the bidding and procurement process, preparing construction contracts, and representing financial institutions in connection with financing matters, and sureties in connections with bonding matters.

Much of our construction practice is devoted to assisting clients in construction disputes and, if necessary, mediations, arbitrations, and litigation.  We additionally are available to represent clients before review boards.

We have significant experience with virtually all types of claims that arise in connection with construction projects, including claims involving:

  • delay
  • construction design defects
  • change order compensability
  • professional negligence
  • improper construction/building defects
  • differing site conditions
  • non-payment
  • procurement and bid disputes, and
  • bond and lien claims

We assist clients through prosecuting and defending these and other claims.

Seeking Claim Resolution

In most cases, our construction clients prefer to resolve claims through negotiation rather than litigation.  With significant construction dispute experience, we focus on a combination of investigation and building the position of our clients through facts and (in some cases) expert opinion and analysis, and then seeking to negotiate a favorable resolution.  In addition to negotiation, mediation is frequently used as a means of seeking settlement, often with mediators who are also construction industry experts.  In some cases, arbitration or other dispute resolution methodologies may be helpful.

Historically, we have been able to resolve the vast majority of the cases of our clients prior to trial.  If a favorable resolution cannot be achieved, however, our construction litigation attorneys have significant trial experience with a number of successful verdicts for our clients, and we will not hesitate on behalf of our client to try a case in front of a jury.  

Representative Matters

  • Transactional Representation for Construction Contracts and Agreements
  • Prosecution and Defense of a Wide Range of Construction Disputes
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