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We have extensive appellate experience, having appeared numerous times before the Montana Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Montana Appellate Lawyers

BKBH’s appellate attorneys represent clients in all aspects of appeals.  We have considerable experience in preparing, responding to, and arguing appeals at all levels of the state and federal appellate courts, and regularly appear before the Montana Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  With our substantial experience in brief-writing, appellate motion practice, appellate law and procedure, arguing appellate motions, and familiarity in particular with the Montana courts, we have the experience to maximize the chances of success on appeal.

Appellate Counsel and Consulting

In cases with significant outcomes at stake, it will be important to consider the possibility of an appeal even before a trial has taken place.  In addition to undertaking appeals on behalf of clients, we also work in a consulting role with trial counsel to identify issues that are likely to be critical for appeal should a favorable outcome not result at the trial level, and to develop strategies to preserve issues necessary for appeal where appropriate.

Representative Matters

  • Identification of Appealable Issues in Trial Transcripts
  • Working with Trial Counsel to Preserve Critical Issues for Appeal
  • Drafting Appellate Briefs and Developing Appellate Strategy
  • Oral Argument Before Appellate Courts

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