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We have long represented clients in Montana oil and gas matters, helping them acquire land royalty rights, and operating permits, and assisting in contracts, employment, and legal operational matters.

Montana Oil & Gas Lawyers – Permitting, Land Acquisition & Royalties

As Montana oil and gas lawyers, we assist clients with acquisitions, operating agreements, royalties, transactions, land and contract disputes, financing, and sales. 

Land and Royalty Acquisition

Land and royalty acquisitions and ownership constitute the fundamental assets of oil and gas companies.  We assist companies in acquiring land, as well as providing title assurances and related matters to better convey rights in oil and gas real property assets.

Business Formation and Operating Agreements

Oil and gas operations often involve the creation of a subsidiary to hold oil and gas rights on behalf of a larger parent corporation, or a joint venture between two or more different entities.  In either case, we help the owners determine the best legal vehicle for the investment, which frequently involves the formation of a Montana limited liability company.  In addition to legal entity formation, we also assist owners in developing the associated governing agreements (such as operating agreements or bylaws), documenting capital infusions, and specifying owner rights and obligations (including those for subsequent contributions in the case of joint ventures).

Disputes and Litigation

We represent clients in administrative proceedings, quiet title actions, complex contractual disputes, and class action royalty litigation. We additionally have experience is assisting clients in complex oil and gas related transactions, such as acquisitions, financing, development, and the divestiture of oil and gas properties.

Representative Matters

  • Royalty, Operating, and Joint Venture Agreements
  • Financing, Acquisitions, and Transactions
  • Employment & Legal Operational Matters
  • Land Purchases & Sales

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