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If your company is relocating or expanding into Montana, we can help with business registration, tax, leasing, employment, land acquisition, and a wide variety of other matters.

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Business Lawyer for Companies Moving to Montana

Many companies and entrepreneurs are on the move — moving to states that afford a better chance to survive and thrive.  Whether you are seeking valuable tax benefits, a more affordable office, or a beautiful location to draw in new clients and talent, there is no doubt that Montana is a fantastic place in which to relocate or expand your business.

If your company is either relocating to Montana or considering expanding operations into Montana, we understand the many questions that you may have, as well as the challenges that you may face.  With four offices throughout the state of Montana—and as one of the largest firms in the area—we look forward to helping you in all facets of your move or expansion.

If You Are Expanding or Relocating Your Business into Montana, We Can Help.

The following are a number of key areas in which we frequently help businesses that are moving or expanding into Montana.

Real Estate and Development

Many business relocations or expansions into Montana involve real estate acquisitions and development.  With decades of experience, our attorneys are experienced in all facets of real estate matters, ranging from raw land acquisition to the sale of completed projects.  We have provided legal counsel in numerous multi-million dollar real estate transactions and development.

We know and appreciate that in order for a relocation or expansion to be successful, a number of matters must be carefully addressed and sequenced.  We frequently assist and advise clients on real estate and development matters including:

  • Land Acquisition and Financing
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Construction and Contractor Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Water Rights
  • Nuisance Laws
  • Environmental Permitting and Approvals
  • Title Opinions
  • Construction Financing
  • Surety Matters
  • Land Exchanges
  • Regulatory Approvals

Taxes and Government Incentives

State relocation and expansion of a business often offers companies a unique opportunity to take advantage of tax and other incentives that may be available with the promise of local employment and community enrichment.  As experienced Montana business relocation attorneys, we work with clients to identify tax and other incentives that may be associated with a business relocation or expansion.  Many of these tax incentives are only available as part of the initial start-up in Montana so it is critical to carefully understand all such incentives that may be available at the outset.

In addition to helping business starting operations in Montana, we also provide advice and counsel on a wide range of Montana tax matters, including:

  • State Income Taxes
  • Franchise Taxes
  • Local Business Taxes
  • Sales & Use Taxes (including taxation on real property, equipment, and machinery)

Business Registration

Depending on the legal structure of your entity and the nature of the intended operations, it may be desirable to form a stand-alone subsidiary for Montana operations, or to form a Montana business and merge an existing business into the Montana entity. Our experienced Montana business relocation attorneys have extensive experience developing strategies so that the best option can be chosen based upon a company’s business, tax, and operational objectives.

Regardless of whether a Montana business will be a new subsidiary or an existing company seeking to do business in Montana, there will be a number of matters that must be undertaken including:

  • Forming a new business in Montana (if a new business is to be formed), or registering to do business in Montana (if an existing business will be used)
  • Registering with governmental agencies for withholding, unemployment, and worker’s compensation
  • Applying for a sales tax license (if applicable)
  • Seeking other governmental authorizations that may be applicable

We can help your business understand the specific registrations and authorizations that may be needed based upon the nature of operations.

Employment Matters

We understand how invaluable a workforce can be to the growth of a company.  For businesses moving to Montana or expanding their current operations into the state, we help employers understand local employment matters, including worker’s compensation. We can also help develop relocation packages for key employees.

A key to minimizing potential employment liability will be the development and implementation of employment policies and procedures, which is often done through an employee handbook, as well as through well-prepared offer letters, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, and employment provisions such as mandatory mediation and arbitration provisions.  We assist employers with understanding federal and state law, and on developing the applicable policies, procedures, handbooks, and agreements to help minimize liability.

Our Experienced Montana Business Lawyers Can Help Ease the Burden of a Business Relocation.

As with any significant business decision, the tax, financial, and employment implications of a move must make sense in all respects.  As a team comprised nearly 30 attorneys we would look forward to helping your company commence operations in Montana.

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