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With Decades of Collective Administrative Law Practice, We Assist and Represent Clients in a Wide Range of Administrative Law Matters, Including Workers’ Compensation, Environmental Matters, Permitting, and Licensure and Accreditation.

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Montana Administrative Law Attorneys

Administrative law encompasses a wide variety of state and federal matters handled through administrative agencies, such as matters relating to:

  • Agency investigations into business conduct
  • Employment matters
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Permitting, licensing, and approvals
  • Professional licensing and accreditation
  • Zoning

Each administrative agency will have particular rules and regulations that govern the matters that come before the agency.  As experienced Montana administrative lawyers and attorneys, we have a depth experience representing clients in a variety of administrative matters, including hearings.

We routinely represent clients before numerous local, Montana, and federal agencies, including:

  • The Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
  • The Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  • The Montana Department of Labor & Industry
  • The Montana Public Service Commission
  • The Montana Department of Labor & Industry
  • The Montana Department of Revenue
  • The Montana Department of Health and Human Services
  • The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

We would look forward to learning about and helping your business with any legal regulatory needs.

Representative Matters

  • Workers’ compensation defense
  • Employment and regulatory investigation and defense
  • Permitting, licensing & business approvals
  • Professional licensure

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