Medical Malpractice

BKBH has a long history of conducting medical malpractice defense. For many years we have defended cases for multiple medical malpractice insurers. BKBH’s Helena office is strategically located for medical malpractice defense as The Montana Medical Legal Panel sits in Helena where any medical malpractice case must first be heard by the screening panel.

BKBH has handled hundreds of claims filed against physicians and hospitals across Montana. We have represented the total spectrum of physicians including anesthesiologists, family practitioners, radiologists, internists, obstetricians and gynecologists, oncologists, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians, and general surgeons. We have experienced a diverse array of medical issues including failure to diagnose cancer in its many forms and sites, surgical cases both general and specialized, and obstetrical cases including perinatal asphyxia. Of the cases we have defended, approximately half were dropped after Medical Legal Panel proceedings and the other half went on to further litigation. Of those that went to litigation, the majority ended with dismissals, summary judgments and settlements. However, when there is no basis for the claim, we have tried cases to a successful verdict for our clients

In defending medical malpractice claims, BKBH believes in a team philosophy which includes input from the physician/hospital client and the insurer or third party administrator. Open and transparent communication maximizes favorable outcomes.