BKBH has litigation experience in nearly every possible venue in Montana, including state and federal courts, appellate courts, several tribal courts, and administrative tribunals. We prepare comprehensive litigation management plans and accurately budget for the various phases of litigation. We work cooperatively with our clients to ensure mutual participation in the strategic defense of each case.

Our Litigation Practice Group consistently handles complex lawsuits with multiple parties and large-scale document production. Experienced in document control management, our attorneys and paralegals routinely prepare numerous witnesses using a variety of trial support equipment and systems. We employ comprehensive legal research to ensure that our motions and briefs include the latest in legal developments. We are experienced in the use of focus groups (similar to mock juries) to assess potential liability and damages. To the extent possible, we rely on computer graphics, video presentations and projectors to enhance the demonstrative exhibits used during trial. Finally, we work in cooperation with our clients to determine the appropriateness of alternative-dispute resolution mechanisms, including arbitration, mediation and direct settlement negotiation.

BKBH has the capacity to defend a wide variety of corporate clients in all types of litigation, including medical providers in medical malpractice cases; environmental claims, product liability and employers in employment discrimination, wrongful discharge and workers’ compensation cases; and essentially all other potential needs of our clients, whether general litigation or specialized cases.

Litigation Group Chair – J. Daniel Hoven