Governmental Affairs

Not all solutions to business problems will be found in the board room, the courts, or before regulatory review boards. Sometimes the only solution is to ask the Legislature to fix a problem with the law. Businesses need to be vigilant of legislative proposals or agency rulemaking which may adversely affect their interests. We provide a full range of legislative services, from monitoring developments in both the Montana Legislature and regulatory development in state agencies, to actively representing our clients before the Legislature and state agencies.

Our firm’s state legislative support resources and systems in Helena are the best available in Montana. Governmental Affairs professionals at BKBH have developed a wide array of technical support services to enhance their effectiveness in communicating with our clients, grassroots contacts, and government employees in the legislative process, and most importantly, the legislators themselves. We have developed a proven, sophisticated process to monitor legislation, to provide a comprehensive review of legislative or administrative proposals, and to keep our clients apprised quickly and regularly of legislative or administrative activities that could potentially impact their interests.

Federal and state election and campaign finance laws often present challenging compliance issues to many businesses and associations. In addition, in recent years there has been an increase in the use of initiatives and referendums to regulate business in Montana. Our attorneys advise clients on issues related to contributions, election law, and reporting related to candidate campaigns, independent expenditure campaigns, PAC activities, initiatives, and referendums. BKBH develops and implements public relations campaigns related to initiatives and referendums.

BKBH has experience representing clients in government procurement activities and contract disputes. Our Governmental Affairs professionals represent clients with interests that involve legislative project or service appropriations; including contract development and procurement as a result of those appropriations. Our governmental contract practice consists of negotiation of contracts, litigation in state and federal courts, including the Court of Claims, as well as a wide variety of state and federal administrative proceedings.

We also advise clients on competitive bidding and procurement with the state of Montana. These projects have included representing clients before the Legislature, the Montana Land Board, and various agencies when bidding opportunities are created or enhanced, and continuing that representation during the governmental entity’s drafting and creation of the request for proposals or request for bids. We are committed to providing guidance during the formulation of the client’s response to the proposal or bid requests, product demonstrations and contract awards.