Workers’ Compensation

BKBH has represented risk-retention groups, self-insureds, third party adjustors, and a variety of insurers. These clients provide coverage for a number of different types of employers including schools, cities, construction companies, and retail to name a few. We have defended a multitude of work comp cases on a variety of issues including initial denial of a claim, entitlement to all types of benefits, and disputed ongoing liability. The firm provides advice to its work comp clients on all claim-related issues including complex matters such as occupational disease claims for asbestos-related lung disease. The work comp team has successfully defended its clients before the Worker’s Compensation Court and the Montana Supreme Court in addition to settling many claims to the benefit of its clients.

In defending work comp claims, BKBH believes in a team approach which includes open communication and working together throughout the course of the dispute. BKBH believes that this strategy assures successful outcomes for its clients.