Employment Defense and Counseling

Employers in Montana must comply with a vast array of laws affecting employer/employee relationships. Since its inception, BKBH has counseled and represented public and private Montana employers as well as their insurers as part of its wide-ranging and growing employment law practice.

BKBH often assists clients in developing and implementing effective employment practices, including drafting or updating personnel policies and procedures to comply with best employment law practices, conducting reductions in force, assessing liability arising from independent contractor relationships, and general civil rights law compliance practices.

BKBH routinely educates employers in Employment Law topics to be proactive in avoiding wrongful discharge claims and offers services in navigating complex issues such as the nexus between workers’ compensation statutes, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. BKBH also assists employers in complying with the United States Civil Rights Laws, the Montana Human Rights Act, and federal and state drug testing laws. These legal mandates provide unique challenges and opportunities to businesses and public employers. BKBH takes pride in empowering employers to make informed proactive decisions to avoid litigation and preserve a positive and productive work environment.

Since 1985 BKBH has consulted with and successfully represented Montana employers and their insurers on a variety of labor and employment law issues before the Montana Supreme Court, in the district courts of Montana, and before the Department of Labor and the Workers’ Compensation Court. BKBH attorneys counsel clients on a variety of employment and labor issues. Our litigation section has extensive experience defending cases including but not limited to, alleged wrongful discharge, constructive discharge, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, and human rights violations, unlawful discrimination, wrongful discharge, claims for unemployment benefits, wage and hour claims, and workers’ compensation and occupational disease claims.

To achieve successful litigation results in its employment law cases, BKBH employs a team approach that encourages a cooperative effort between the employer, insurer, and counsel. The firm believes the best possible results are achieved when everyone combines their skill and resources to effectively communicate and work together throughout the course of litigation. Using these strategies in conjunction with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms where appropriate and the innovative technology available to us, BKBH achieves a high success ratio for our business clients at the administrative, trial, and appellate levels.

Chair: Oliver Goe