Do Montana Courts Favor Mothers Over Fathers in Custody Matters?


Montana Child Custody Attorneys & Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

As Montana child custody lawyers with decades of cumulative experience, we are often asked if judges favor mothers over fathers in child custody matters. Generally speaking, Montana courts do not favor one gender of a parent over the other gender of the parent. The statute says that both parties should have the equal opportunity to parent their kids, or phrased another way, that children should be able to spend as much time with both parents as they can.

The one slight exception to that would be if you have an infant and the infant’s being nursed by the mother. Then sometimes, in that small period of time that that’s going on, the mother will have more parenting time with the child just by virtue of being a food source, but typically once that period has stopped, the statute requires both parents to be viewed equally in the eyes of the law.

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