Indian Law

BKBH represents tribes, tribal entities, tribal businesses and individual tribal members, in addition to non-Indian clients, in a wide range of Indian law-related issues in various tribal, state and federal jurisdictions across the Northwest. BKBH attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients in navigating the often complex environment of Indian tribal jurisdiction, tribal court and tribal appellate court practice. Currently, BKBH has attorneys licensed in eight tribal jurisdictions across the Northwest, including five tribal jurisdictions within Montana. BKBH attorneys practicing in Indian country are primarily engaged in insurance defense litigation before tribal courts and tribal appellate courts involving personal injury and employment related matters. BKBH attorneys have had great success navigating the tedious interplay between tribal, state and federal civil jurisdiction, including the issue of sovereign immunity and its effect on jurisdiction. Additionally, BKBH attorneys also have experience with Indian water law, gaming, mineral rights, leases, TERO, land transfers, general consulting, general litigation, estate planning, and lobbying on behalf of tribal interests. BKBH’s capabilities in Indian law, coupled with BKBH’s other civil law practice areas and general experience, make BKBH well-equipped to handle most Indian law civil issues that may arise.